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Hercules Construction Management Company was founded in 1993 by Peter H. Benoist and Sandor A. Mandula.  Their vision was to create a company that provides construction solutions to organizations and individuals while making the construction experience enjoyable and satisfying.

Over the last 25 years, Hercules Construction Management Company has grown to become a highly respected firm in the greater St. Louis area.  The ability to successfully manage capital projects for owners, and oversee all aspects of a project in the areas of time, cost and quality, has solidified the company as a premier management provider in the construction industry.

Hercules Construction Management Company tailors flexible, customized services for our clients, whether the client needs an occasional reference person or someone to advise from inception to occupancy.  Knowing it takes active, hands-on management to optimize results, our principals get involved in every step of the project.

At Hercules, we are available around the clock, enabling our clients to make the most of their time and energy.  Furthermore, our service allows the client to eliminate the need to hire (and pay for) a full-time associate.  The bottom line is...well, the bottom line. 

Hercules Construction Management Company represents tremendous money-saving potential for our clients through better planning, improved efficiency, fewer change orders, better coordination of design/construction teams, and much more! 

We look forward to representing YOU!

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